Introducing Skibo Cloud Hosting Services for Sage 100/300, QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise

Skibo provides a:

SAS70 Type II Compliant data center that has power side A and power side B redundant power feeds including 2 separate generators for each side A and B, respectively, as backup.

Skibo locates it’s servers in our own cabinets inside Involta’s Data Center, see Involta

Physical access:

being a SAS 70 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, JSOX, GLB, etc. compliant/secure data center that passes SSAE 16 SOC II certification, as well. It requires multiple levels of access including, several doors and scanners must be passed through including a retina eye scanner to obtain access to the data center not to mention separate access to the data cabinet which, is 100% maintained by Skibo Staff with redundant internet, switches, etc.

Internet Firewalls:

Internet facing firewalls with deep packet level IP (TCP/UDP) inspection taking place with the latest security and firmware, malware, anti-virus at the firewall, etc. All inbound and outbound TCP/UDP ports are blocked unless necessary and then and only then, are opened up for specific ports to specific servers, if required.

Monthly External Compliance Testing:

Is performed by Trustwave to ensure no tcp/udp ports are open, that should not be, to ensure we are as secure as reasonably possible but, still providing the services necessary as a Hosting provider. See Trustwave

All servers and storage devices:

are dual power supply for reliability with VMWare backend Primary OS for Virtualization for hosting the Microsost servers on top of. All high speed networked storage devices are RAID5 with again dual power supplies with multiple Network Cards in a team for reliabilty, fail-over and load balancing. VWMare VCenter is running to provide the most automated and reliability possible. VMWare VCenter will automatically move an operating system, while it is running, to a different host or server for processing data should it detect slowness or any other issues whereby the server needs to be moved. This is all done automatically without dropping a users existing or new connections. Kind of like changing a flat tire on a care while it is moving down the road…..yet, it never slows down nor has to pit stop to change the tire. This is all happening while everything is running!

Skibo's Cloud Hosting:

provides a redundant data center that your users just use an RDP (remote desktop) icon on their desktops to connect to our servers. No different than if on your local desktop but, with the advantage of being able to get to it from anywhere you have internet access.

All SQL servers:

that we use to store data are not co-mingled. In other words the data base is completely a separate instance for each client for security and reliability. Therefore, data cannot be accessed by another Customer. All Customers data is stored in their OWN separate Database. This, also, allows us to perform Customer specific updates, as necessary, to accommodate their needs without affecting other Customers. Each Customer has their own database!

**QuickBooks/Sage/etc. and Skibo Link-Sync Cloud Hosting Services**

QuickBooks/Sage/etc. Monthly Hosting services:

     Remote Per User Account fee @ $30/user/month-

     QB/Sage/etc Per Company File Fee @ $40/month-

Onetime Fees:

     Remote Desktop access one-time license fee $100/user/one-time fee

Conversion fee of $500 one-time fee

Skibo Link-Sync Support is provided M-F & 7 -7 CST for standard requests but, hosted Customers get longer support/after-hours support that extends up to 10 p.m. CST for most requests.

Specifically RDP access issues or QB priority 3 or 4 level/functional issues.

Level 3-4 (high priority) issues are usually defined as - RDP access issues existing for many employees or QB itself is not running, affecting many users, etc. Other non-priority issues such as processing GL files from payroll back into QB via the Skibo Link-Sync product are handled via M-=F 7-7 CST but, an after-hours IT-technician will always answer the phone up to 10 p.m. CST; if that tech can handle the lever 1-2 answers, they will do so. If not a ticket will be created and assigned to the appropriate IT/Accounting Support Specialist. They will provide best attempt to get a hold of the person after hours but, if not available will resolve during normal business support hours of M-F & 7 -7 CST.


     Level 1- Non critical issues for usually 1 user.

     Level 2- Not critical but, slightly time-sensitive for usually 1-2 users.

     Level 3- Business Impacting issue for 1 or 2 users.

     Level 4- Business impacting issue for many users.

QuickBooks (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) or Sage 100/300 or similar software, etc.

     Monthly Hosting services:

           Remote Per User Account fee @ $30/user/month-

          QuickBooks/Sage Per Company File Fee @ $40/month-

     Onetime Fees:

          Remote Desktop access license $100/user/one-time fee

          Conversion fee one-time $500

See screenshots of Link-Sync in action!

Call for more details on how Cloud Hosting of your accounting software and Link-Sync can work for you!