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Is the integration between your Payroll Provider, Accounting System, or Time-Clock leaving you with a bridge to nowhere?

Let Link-Sync by Skibo Corporations bridge the gap with effortless import/export integration or automated direct database synchronization!!!

Link-Sync is a powerful and proven bridge solution that brings you:

  • Automated Certified Payroll/Prevailing Wage rate/piece rate calculations including actual Certified Payroll Reports such as WH347, California DIR, LCP Tracker template upload, NY State, etc.
  • Automated Work Comp calculations tied to the job that is tied to a state and/or task, etc.
  • Pre payroll "Salary Allocations" so, that during payroll not only are the wages distributed to the jobs but, so are the ER tax expenses
  • State, City, County Withholdings overrides tied to job flowing into payroll to automate multi state EE W/H
  • Automated Payroll validation updating that eliminates the manual creation/entry of validation values into the ADP Cost#/Costcode validation table
  • Employee record synchronization with HRIS, Time & Labor (TLM), or payroll systems.
  • Point of Sale (POS) & TLM pay data (EPIP) file creation for uploading into ADP payroll products such as Pay eXpert & WorkForceNow, TotalSource, Resource, or Enterprise eTIME, or directly into the Invoicing system for cross-billing.
  • Piece entry & automated prevailing wage rate calculations from TLM products such as ezLM, Enterprise eTIME, & others.
  • End of year W-2 file conversion & processing.
  • General Ledger & job cost integrations from ADP Payroll products listed above.
  • Check detail history migration.
  • Employee benefit statement preparation.
  • Points-Based-Attendance Policy Reporting.
  • Reporting/custom solutions.

Skibo Corp. personnel have been working with ADP Nationals, Majors, SBS, TotalSource, Resource, Procure to Pay (P2P), and FACS since, 2005. Skibo, Corp. staff have 30+ years in the accounting and IT industry. Over that time, we have worked closely with many major accounting systems. We integrate ADP payroll systems, accounting systems, and time-keeping systems into a seamless, efficient, and integrated solution by bridging the gaps between disparate systems utilizing their built-in ability to import/export data or utilize direct read/write access to the system’s backend database for more automated integrations!

Skibo Link-Sync product integrates data from:

General Ledger, Job Cost, & Invoice Integrations (requires ADP GLI)

Intuit's QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online (QB/QBO), Databasics, StarBuilder, Sage 100/300/500 (MAS90/200/500, Timberline, MasterBuilder, etc.), Microsoft GreatPlains, JDE, Oracle-JDE World/One World/Peoplesoft, American Contractor, Blackbaud, Netsuite, SAP Business Suite ERP/Business One, & Others.

Point of Sale (POS) integration with Payroll by creating a paydata/EPIP file from the data contained in

Micros, Squirrel, Positouch, Panasonic, Aloha, others including franchise systems such as McDonalds, KFC, Wendy’s, Golden Corral, Clubtec, Pulse, & others.

Paydata Migration converts and translates data from or to

  • ADP TLM Systems– ezLM, E-time, and Enterprise eTIME.
  • Others such as Paychex TLO, Heavy Jobs, Generations, Excel spreadsheets, StreetSmart division of ClickSoftware, Consolo, Cebos MQ1, etc.
  • American Contractor, Blackbaud, Intuit-QuickBooks/QuickBooks Online, GreatPlains, Oracle-JDE World/One World/Peoplesoft , Netsuite, Sage MAS90/200/500/MasterBuilder/MIPS/Peachtree/Timberline, SAP Business Suite ERP/Business One, & Others.

Employee Master Record synchronization with uni or bi-directional feeds to or from 3rd Party HRIS, Accounting Systems, and ADP products such as:

  • ADP Products- PayeXpert, WorkForceNow, ezLM, Enterprise eTIME, HRB, SurePay, etc.
  • HR systems– ADP-HRB, Paychex-HRO, PeopleSoft, Oracle/JDE, SAP, others.
  • Accounting Systems- American Contractor, Blackbaud, Intuit-QuickBooks/QB Online, GreatPlains, Oracle-JDE World/One World/Peoplesoft , Netsuite, Sage MAS90/200/500/MasterBuilder/MIPS/Peachtree/Timberline, SAP Business Suite ERP/Business One, & others.
  • TLM/POS Systems– ADP-ezLM/Enterprise eTIME, & other systems.

Check Detail History Migrations with up to 5 years of history to ensure the customer does not lose any prior year(s) information due to a conversion. This data can originate from many, previous, payroll providers such as Paychex, Ceridian, Millennium, Intuit, etc.

  • This allows the reports to be run from ADP Payroll for prior years history not, previously, originating from the ADP payroll system.
  • The customer does not need to maintain access to the old system in order to access historical information.

Prevailing Wage Rate w/ Integration Invoicing

  • Piece entry solution that allows direct entry of the quantity of pieces produced or routes delivered by employees into the Link-Sync system .
  • Allows the importing of time worked from time and labor then, compares & performs a prevailing wage rate calculation comparing pieces produced/routes delivered times a rate per piece and hours worked * an hourly rate.
  • With the ability to pay the higher of the two.
  • Automated assigning of employee pay-rates based upon employee, job, task, customer, etc.
  • Ability to directly create invoices for cross billing of Customers for employees time and materials billing or push into systems such as QB invoice system.
  • Ability to generate a payroll output EPIP file for uploading directly into ADP payroll.

Integration and reporting migration to/from ClickSoftware-StreetSmart mobile data collection solution

  • The ability to, real-time, extract information from the StreetSmart System or upload data into their system.
  • Providing a multitude of integration option from pulling in timecard data and migrating over to ADP Payroll or uploading new jobs automatically into their system from just about any accounting system.
  • Merging this data with ADP Essential time data before uploading into ADP WFN payroll.

W-2 and other year end conversion and processing:

  • Solution for one-time/recurring conversions of W-2 & 1099 data from one system to another.

Custom Solutions:

  • Providers hosted Solutions, manual/automated FTP/sFTP Solutions, Benefit Statements (monthly/quarterly/yearly), & "out-of-the-box" custom Solutions.

“Blaine & Skibo Corp are a responsive, professional partner. They can be trusted to do exactly what they commit to. It's always a pleasure to work with them.” Pete Dignam, ADP TotalSource-Vice President of Operations.

“I've worked with Blaine for over 6 years now on a few different projects. He has helped me earn new business by writing everything from simple integrations to very detailed bridges. He is one of the most responsive and detail oriented partners I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would recommend him in any situation!” Matthew Duffy, ADP Major Accounts-District Manager.